WOD - 9/28/17



Skill: Split jerk

WOD: Part A: Split Jerk 2-2-2-2-2

Part B: 4 Rounds

10 sit-ups

5 Shoulder-to-overhead

10 burpees

Post Workout:  Thoracic mobility + stretch hips and shoulders (Reach, Roll, Lift – lay in a prone position face down, make a fist and place thumb on forehead, with opposite arm reach and pull arm overhead out of retraction crawling with fingertips, when you can’t go any farther turn thumb up and lift arm for 1 sec., rinse and repeat on both arms.)

Pull-up challenge

  • 19 Pull-ups (if you are proficient at pull-ups, these should be strict)

Challenge of the Week: Fastest 20 cal. row.

*Post score to whiteboard