WOD - 10/26/15


Skill: Man Makers

Strength: Work through the Snatch Skill Transfer Exercises (PVC/Barbell only) 4x2 each

  • Snatch Push Press

  • OH Squat (Sots press in bottom position)

  • Snatch Balance


WOD: Partners Complete

  • 800m Farmer Carry
  • 30 Man Makers (push-up, renegade row Rt. & Lt., clean, thruster) (40/20)

*While one partner is on the farmer carry, the other is working on the man makers. Switch as often as needed.

Post Workout: 3 Rounds

  • 10 MB Knee tucks
  • 10 MB Hamstring curls

Challenge of the Week: Spend an extra 10 minutes on mobility.

*Post score to whiteboard

Pull-up Program

Pull-ups are a very functional movement that everyone can improve on when training them consistently.  This program is to help you get your first strict pull-up and if you already have strict pull-ups, this will help you get more! The exercises in the program will take an extra 10-20 minutes a 3 times a week, and will be done on your own time.  Building up strength for pull-ups takes commitment and consistency; if you put in the work, you will benefit.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

Day 1:  

  • 3x max strict pull-up attempts

  • 3x10 scapular pull-ups

  • 3x15 band face pulls

  • 3x5 bat wing holds (hold at top for 5 seconds)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting Friday, October 16th, we will do SWIM WODs EVERY OTHER Friday since the bubble will be going on! Please come dressed in swim attire and bring goggles. We will go over swimming efficiency tips on Friday and how to be successful during the swim workouts!